Question: When should I start giving my baby solid foods?
Answer: Babies have different developmental milestones but we recommend waiting till six months after exclusively breastfeeding.
Question: What are the first solid foods I should feed my baby?
Answer: Pediatricians largely recommend single ingredient and gluten free foods because they are easy to digest. We believe baby’s first grain should be a whole grain. We recommend foods like our Baby Grubz Ground Brown Rice, Baby Grubz Soyabeans, Baby Grubz Grains and Nuts and thereafter introduce Baby Grubz Sweet potato and veggies, Baby Grubz Banana, Dates and Sorghum cereal which are all excellent first food choices. They should be cooked for 3-5 mintues.

Question: When can I introduce other foods?
Answer: Always apply the three day rule when introducing new foods. Introduce one new food for three days before giving baby the next food. As a rule, only combine new foods with foods you know your baby tolerates well. This will ensure that allergies and food sensitivities can easily be traced.

Question: When can my baby eat the same foods as the rest of the family?
Answer: From age one, your baby is ready to eat the same foods as the rest of the family. When baby joins in the family meal, please remember that growing babies have different dietary needs than adults. For example, babies need a lot of calories and nutrients to support the growth of muscle, tissue and bone as well as fat in the first two years of life for healthy development of the brain and nervous system. Depending on your child’s history, your paediatrician might ask you to delay certain foods or introduce some with caution. We advise cutting out sugar, salt, processed cereals, heavy seasonings from your child’s meals.
Question: How much food should I give my baby from 6 months?
Answer: Give your baby some time to adjust. There is really no need to rush during the first few weeks of weaning. It is all about introducing your baby to this new concept of eating solid foods and not the quantity consumed. During this exciting time, your baby is experiencing completely new tastes, flavours and textures. Remember to continue complementing meals with breast milk or formula as it is still important at this stage.

Question: Is there a best time to offer first foods?
Answer: Every child is different. We suggest trying a couple of different meal times and working with your child’s routine or schedule to figure out your own feeding schedule. Take it slowly and you will find a rhythm that works well for you and your precious baby.

Question: What makes Baby Grubz® different from other baby foods?
Answer: Baby Grubz is pure African Baby Food. Our range of meals are inspired by truly authentic African tastes, flavours and textures. We discovered that a lot of picky eating stems from a disconnect between western foods children are weaned with and the African foods being introduced to them later on as they grow on to become toddlers hence we advocate proper nutrient dense weaning foods from 6 months. Busy Nigerian parents, indeed, all African parents who wish to feed their babies and toddlers yummy African baby food or meals, but don’t have the time to make it themselves are encouraged to try Baby Grubz. Baby Grubz encourages healthy eating and eliminates protein energy malnutrition in the African child as well as hidden hunger arising from micronutrient deficiencies using a combination of specially selected fresh African Grains, roots, legumes, spices, fruits and vegetables into highly nutritious meals and snacks for your African child.
All products are dried in a controlled temperature environment to lock in nutrients and to preserve freshness all done without the use for preservatives.

Question: What are the different stages Baby Grubz® offers?
Answer: To make it easy for babies to transition from purees to soft solids, Baby Grubz’ meals are divided into three stages.
Stage one: These meals are perfect for babies from the start of weaning and up and are milled into smooth textures to be gentle on your baby’s gums, tummies and also to mimick the consistency of breast milk that your child is already familiar with.
Stage two: These meals are for the developing palates of babies aged nine months and above. We have carefully mixed ingredients to create tantalizing flavors with age appropriate ingredients to help your baby grow healthy and strong. The texture is a bit grainy to encourage chewing. Try our Sweet Potato and Veggies, Banana, Dates and Sorghum as well as Grains and Nuts Cereal.
Snackz: This is perfect for toddlers just starting to feed themselves. These products are healthy snacks made from Gluten-free grains, Grade A fruits and vegetables which are suitable to fill your toddlers snacking needs in a healthier way. Also ideal as a travel snack or easy on-the-go bites and finger foods for babies from 7months up which helps develop fine motor skills.
Question: Why is Baby Grubz ® dried?
Answer: Drying locks in nutrients and flavours at their peak of freshness without the need for preservatives or over-processing. Drying is one of the oldest and most natural ways to preserve food.

Question: Is dried as nutritious as freshly made?
Answer: Yes, it has been confirmed that dried grains, fruits and vegetables provide the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh. The drying process doesn’t dilute the food; it locks in and concentrates even more nutrients and flavors without the use of any preservatives.

Question: Are herbs and spices good for my baby?
Answer: Yes herbs are good and suitable for your baby and we use the mildest and freshest organic herbs (which we grow) & spices to create our delicious recipes. Every Baby Grubz’ recipe has been approved by a registered & licensed paediatric nutritionist to ensure that they are appropriate for the age group. Herbs & spices enhance the flavour and nutritional benefits of foods while introducing your baby into the rich and awesome tastes of African baby food helps your baby become healthier and more adventurous in food choices.

Question: Does Baby Grubz® add any other artificial ingredient of colour to your products?
Answer: Natural baby food is one of core fundamentals. Truly African baby food is our passion. Our products are free of artificial products. We produce our food without the use of any preservatives or additives, including coloring agents. We produce all our products in fresh, dried and in small batches to lock-in all of its natural nutrients.

Question: Why don’t you add salt or sugar to your baby food products?
Answer: We don’t add salt or sugar to our pouch meals simply because it is unnecessary. The sweetness of the fruits and the savory flavors of the vegetables are enough to please baby’s palate. Research shows that eating patterns are developed from the very first taste hence it is helpful to give your baby a healthy start without the extra sugar and salt. This will help your baby develop a taste for clean, healthy, wholesome meals that will last a lifetime.

Question: Do any of your products contain any potential allergens?
Answer: Most of our products contain Groundnuts (peanuts), Fish, Shrimps, and Soyabeans. However, we do not use Wheat in any product neither is it processed in our facility eliminating the risk of potential cross-contamination. However, due to new discoveries, scientists have now recommend that early introduction of highly allergenic foods may be better than when it is delayed till toddlerhood as previously advised.

Question: Are any of your products gluten free?
Answer: Yes. All of our products are gluten-free.

Question: Can I store the cooked products in a flask?
Answer: All Baby Grubz Products can be cooked and stored in a flask for later consumption. However, we advise that you cook into thicker consistency and allow to cook well (at least 5 minutes on low heat while stirring) before storing. Only add milk (breast milk or formula) when baby is ready to eat. Portion out the required quantity into a separate feeding bowl and add milk to the bowl for your baby.
Store any unused portions in the freezer and use or discard after 24 hours.
Question: Where are your ingredients sourced?
Answer: All our produce are sourced locally within Nigeria and we try our best to purchase from Nigerian women farmers that meet our strict standards as a way of including and empowering all the women in our value chain. We source high quality fresh produce across different states in Nigeria.

Question: Is your packaging of food grade quality?
Answer: Yes, all of our packaging is made from PP and is safe, secured with tamper proof and easy-to-use. All products are packaged tightly and securely shielded in opaque jars from light to avoid loss of nutrients.
Product usage, Storage and Safety
Question: How long does your product last? When does it expire?
Answer: Our stage 1, stage 2 and Snackz meals will last up to 12 months unopened and should be stored in a cool dry place. Please check the ‘best before’ date on the packaging for the expiration date. All products must be used within 3 weeks of opening.
Question: How should I prepare the products?
Answer: All our products require cooking for 3-5 minutes on medium heat after diluting required quantity with water. Hence, your baby’s food will be hot. Allow to cool for 1 minute and always check temperature by dropping a little food on the back of your hand before serving baby.
Question: How should I store the products?
Answer: Always in a cool dry area until use. Use within 3 weeks of opening. Do not freeze except when cooked. Keep out of reach of children 3 years or younger. If jar seal is broken or loose, or jar looks damaged, please discard. Use with adult supervision.

Question: How should I prepare the Snackz?
Answer: Snackz require no cooking at all. Just open and serve!

Where to buy
Question: Where can I buy Baby Grubz?
Answer: Women and Youth empowerment is dear to our heart at Baby Grubz. Hence, Baby Grubz as a social enterprise is exclusively distributed by mothers like you across Africa. We deliberately financially empower rural and urban African women even stay-at-home mothers to be sole distributors of our products. Our distributors have received Basic Nutrition Training to give you informed advise about your child’s nutrition.
All our distributors are in neighbourhoods in Nigeria and in some West African Countries –Anglophone and Saxophone. You can find Baby Grubz Distributors in your neighbourhood by sending your location to hello@babygrubz.com and we will forward the contact details of your neighbourhood distributor.
All purchases of Baby Grubz products directly empowers an African woman. You may also shop our products online at female owned online stores. See Stockists Page for more details.

Question: Do you offer freebies?
Answer: Yes, we often offer freebies through our social media pages. You can join in by following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and by signing up for our Newsletter here.

Question: Can you send me samples?
Answer: While we would love to send samples of Baby Grubz African baby food for your prospective grubber, distance may make it cost prohibitive to do so. However, we regularly hold Baby Grubz baby food tasting parties. Stay connected with us on all our social media platforms and newsletter to know when there may be a tasting in your area.