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Our Story

How we started
Our founder, Seun Sangoleye, a working mother living in Lagos, Nigeria, she discovered that there was limited almost zero nutritious meals that were available locally.
“I started Baby Grubz out of a desire for good health for my son but my discoveries about the alarming malnutrition crisis pushed me to continue.”

We started out with cooked ready-to-eat frozen meals but the reality of unstable power in Nigeria made us struggle while trying to meet up with the ever growing demands of mothers who wanted homemade yummy meals for their babies. So we got our thinking cap on and came up with our Farm to Table range. Our line of baby food is new and nutritious, pocket and family-friendly.

“Moving into a rural neighbourhood opened my eyes to the struggles families face daily as they struggle to keep mind and soul together. I decided there and then that my business would alleviate poverty and provide maximum nutrition at best prices for the masses.”