Sweet Potato & Vegetable Cereal

Sweet Potato & Vegetable Cereal


Perfect savoury lunch meal complete with fresh dried garden vegetables for your child’s enjoyment.

Suitable for relieving constipation.

Age: From 6 Months, All ages


Your baby can enjoy explore the richness of African tastes and flavors with these range of products featuring fresh grade A garden vegetables that are rich in nutrients which you can cook alone or with added oil such as palm oil which enriches your child’s food with Vitamin A or edible coconut oil with its rich lauric acid. You may also cook with butter.

Benefits:  Rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to support normal growth and development. Add edible kid-friendly oil while cooking to provide high energy nourishment for you/r child.
Fact: Vitamins are necessary for healthy growth and development of your child’s body.

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